Overview- Nursery Rhymes, Origins and History

We have different nursery rhymes that have different origins. All the rhyme history reflects the community at large and how people relate to one another. The different nursery rhymes are developed for everyone. However, people have their favorite. I have my favorite nursery rhymes which have diverse history and origins.

One of the nursery rhymes refers to the bubonic plague which is called  “ring a ring o Roses a packet full of Roses, at ease *2, we all fall down………….“remember, remember” is another nursery rhyme which was a failed attempt that happened long time ago and the guy Fawkes wanted to blow the parliament house.

The nursery rhyme words are carefully crafted to suit any kind of a setting, such as the royal setting. They taught about loyalty and well discipline towards the king. If a person disobeyed it was a punishable case. Disloyalty was punishable by death. We have over 100 lists of nursery rhymes that we can teach our children. I remember as we were kids we used to sing these nursery rhymes and most of them really helped us to understand our cultures, our society and origins of everything we see.

Nursery rhymes and songs: The wheels on the bus-

How to start your own newspaper

How to start your own newspaper locally

Are you someone who is interested in opening a business in print media niche? Then starting your own newspaper locally is a great option to do so. However, there are many things that need to be kept in mind before you plan to start your own newspaper agency locally.

There are many successful newspaper agencies such as by Kartikeya Sharma iTV Owner under whom there are many successful newspapers such as Sunday guardian newspaper. This article will give you some tips on how to start your own newspaper locally.

Tips on how to start your own newspaper locally:

  • You will need a concrete planning for your newspaper business otherwise, there are many newspapers which fail due to lack of management and progress. You will need to know what makes a newspaper agency afloat the competitions from your competitor newspapers.
  • You will need to know what factors keep your newspaper a success. The factors are:
    • Your newspaper should be able to provide reliable and factual information aimed towards the public and also a reliable local voice for your newspaper.
    • The projects and programs should be effectively promoted by the community.
    • The agencies should communicate effectively with the public.
    • As your newspaper agency is a business, you should advertise about your business more effectively to the public so that your sale increases and your business expand over time.

Other factors to keep in mind are:

  • You will need to purchase the required equipments and machineries that are needed to publish the copies of your newspaper. If you fall short in funding, there are many ways to funding, which can be through bank loans, private lenders or crowdfunding. Make sure to understand your contract thoroughly before you go for a loan.
  • Find a suitable office space for your newspaper agency.
  • Publish recruitment ads for journalists to work for your company.
Some tips on starting your own business starting tips

Some Tips on Starting Your Own Business: Starting Tips

Are you someone who is looking to become independent and self-sufficient when it comes to earning money? Then starting out as a freelancer and slowly developing your skills and customer to start out your own business is a great way to do so. There are many businesses that can be eventually started if you are the freelancer or you are looking to become one. This article will share some tips and advice regarding starting out for your first freelancing to your business.

One great way to start out is if you have skills relating to computer programming or web design and development- you could eventually start up your own independent business just like Anand Mishra CEO of Star Infranet did when he began his own business in the IT sector.

Some tips on starting your own business and as a freelancer:

  • You will need to acquire the skills and be an independent freelancer before you will want to manage a small firm of few web designers.
  • You will need to make a strong foundation for your future business venture and to do that you will need to find clients of your job niche and start a website or a blog offering your services.
  • You will face many ups and downs when you first start as a freelancer while working with your clients. We all face difficulties at first and it takes the time to settle down before you can become a pro in your job!
  • Be ready to do some hard work and show dedication to your job. You might face hurdles while doing the jobs but never give up!
  • You will need to build a long-term relationship with your clients if you want to start a new business of your own in future or within the time you have set aside for yourself.

GoKhoj – A Shopping Blog That Still Has a Lot to Improve On

GoKhoj is a rather unique type of blog that isn’t really based around a particular topic, but covers many different ones that help you get better at shopping wisely, saving money, finding quality products, making your own gifts and many more.

What Can You Find on the Blog?

Well, the blog hasn’t been posting much interesting stuff from the past few weeks. The authors just seem to be talking about a bunch of topics related only to gift baskets and beers, which is definitely not the ideal way to go about managing a blog that (apparently) aims to offer all-round shopping advice.

However, some of the posts before this period seem pretty useful and interesting such the one on choosing watches (some really cool tips there). Similarly, some other ones that didn’t fail to catch our eye include the one suggesting which type of sandals to choose based on your needs, alternatives to high heels (and why you should avoid heels), how to use a pair of sunglasses in different ways to save some money, and more.

Where it disappoints?

To be honest, while some of the blog’s posts in the past gave enough reasons to expect more quality stuff, the ones that followed them seem to be rather disappointing. This is especially true given that they don’t really seem to be following what they say on their “About Us” page.

They have mentioned that they aim to provide solid research and quality advice that would help their readers while shopping online. They also said they would post about a wide range of products by making their staff research them and share their opinions.

Apparently, they haven’t quite walked the talk as until now, the only two products they mostly post on include sandals and gift baskets. However, if they are really looking to follow their plans, they would probably be talking about other products soon as well, and that may make the blog more useful for its readers.

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Is It Worth Following?

Again, it depends on the type of topics/products the blog chooses to talk about in the future. That being said, you may definitely want to take a look at some of the useful posts we mentioned above, as they may help you quite a bit while shopping for those particular products and developing some good shopping habits that may help you save quite a bit of money.

Larry Reed, reporting for StudioTechSupply.com

KhojIndya – Good for the Beginners!

The “Make Money Online (MMO)” industry is apparently not one of the most reputed ones, simply because there’s an abundance of programs and people looking to scam the beginners and make money off them. This has given the industry a bad name, but there still seem to be quite a few sources saving the day by sharing quality and useful information.

With that being said, we will be reviewing what seems to be one such reputed source when it comes to getting started with internet marketing – KhojIndya. Although you would probably find it a little strange if you’re already knowledgeable about the industry, as KhojIndya isn’t much popular, and its URL even suggests that its ideal audience is only from India.

However, surprisingly, apart from the blog’s URL, there’s not much that would make you feel that it’s built around with a particular region in mind. In fact, apparently, many of its blog posts are based on topics that seem to be less relevant in India but very common in the western world.

That being said, we can safely assume that it’s probably good for pretty much anyone looking to get into the industry (without burning their fingers).

The Topics Covered

So now that it’s clear the blog isn’t based around local audience, let’s move on to take a look at the topics it covers.

First things first, it’s probably worth mentioning that regardless of what you’re interested in or good at, you may find a genuinely useful and workable method for you. While it covers some of the most popular internet marketing topics such as affiliate marketing, freelancing, SEO (to a certain extent), social media marketing, and more, you would also find a bunch of other considerably lesser-known topics/methods such as selling beats, selling your own homemade products online and dropshipping.

However, one of the most impressive things about the blog is that the posts that talk about the most popular and effective online marketing topics such as affiliate marketing are very detailed and clear, making it easy for the beginners to follow them step by step.

There are quite a few other types of topics as well that help people take their business online, or make money off their hobbies.

Things to Improve On

While the user experience seems to be reasonably good, there do seem to be a few things that could be made better. For instance, the site looks a little messy now as there are no sections and the users may have to do a lot of searching to find what they need.

Should You be a Regular Reader?

Must read on KhojIndya: How to Get Money To Start A Business?

While whether you should read it regularly or not may well come down to what you’re looking for, there definitely seems to be quite a bit you can learn from the content shared on KhojIndya if you’re a beginner and looking to get into the lucrative but risky online marketing industry.

Larry Reed, reporting for StudioTechSupply.com

SearchAllIndia – An Indian Education Blog Covering a Wide Range of Topics

SearchAllIndia is an Indian education blog that seems to be covering a wide range of topics related to the Indian education system. While it seems to be covering pretty much every important aspect of the Indian education system, it doesn’t really confine itself to just one country and also posts regularly about topics that may turn out to be helpful for pretty much any country’s students.

The Value Offered

One of the most impressive things about the blog seems to be that unlike some of the other similar blogs out there, it doesn’t restrict itself to posting only about a particular aspect of the Indian education system, but pretty much everything that may be helpful for its readers.

While it has many posts that talk about the school and college education in India, it discusses the various problems the Indian education system is dealing with and the possible solutions to them. Recently, the blog has also attempted to go beyond the traditional education topics by posting about the lesser-known career options such as social work.

Recommended post on SearchAllIndia: How to Become a Social Worker

It has also tried relating education to entrepreneurship in one of its latest posts, talking about the importance of gaining the “real-world” knowledge during the school and college years.

Design and Layout

The design of the site is simple and clean. It makes it easier for anyone, including those with less-than-average surfing and technical knowledge to browse the site and find the information they are looking for.

However, the one thing that seems to be making it look a little “messy” are the tons of annoyingly large images on the homepage. They make it easier to skip through a post without realizing, as the titles look considerably smaller than the images, making them easier to overlook.

Similarly, the layout seems to be pretty user-friendly as well, though the site might want to do away with the three “blank” advertising sidebars on the right. Apparently, they make the site look a little less professional.

The simple and clean design ensures a fast loading time, which is definitely quite relieving given a surprisingly large number of education blogs seem to be using outdated designs which leads to a terrible loading time.

A Final Word

While SearchAllIndia isn’t one of the most popular Indian education blogs yet, it certainly seems to be on course to become one. The quality of information shared on the blog seems to be quite valuable for students from many different fields seeking quality career advice and other information about the education system.

Larry Reed, reporting for StudioTechSupply.com